Monday, October 10, 2011

Walt Disney World October 2011

Off to Florida!

Boarding pass? Check. Bagel in a bag? Check.

Don't forget the coffee!

The plane is here and we are happy.

Looking out at our airplane.

Patriots fans often visit Walt Disney World.

Young man practicing his Disney smile. Keep practicing.

What's so interesting on the floor?

Just like magic, we are now in Orlando airport!

Does anyone see the Disney's Magical Express bus stop?

There it is!

On the bus to Walt Disney World, feelin' groovy!

Yay! Off to Walt Disney World!

I'm going too!

Nice hotel lobby.

All alone by the telephone...

Not really - I'm here too!

The view from our hotel balcony - not too shabby.

Another view from our balcony.

And here we have a beautiful woman taking in that view from the balcony.

First stop: the Magic Kingdom!

A pretty pirate lass aboard Big Thunder Mountain Railroad.

Adventures with Winnie the Pooh in the Hundred Acre Wood.

This large man in yellow looks dangerously flatulent - better watch out, pretty lady!

Oh no! Too late!

A pirate from Adventureland roaming Fantasyland.

Now there are two pirates!

That pirate is attacking guests in Frontierland!

But wait! That's no regular guest! It's the Green Power Ranger! He can handle a pirate! The pretty pirate lass and some referee guy watch the battle.

No help from Yellow Ranger, who is texting when she should be helping Green Ranger.

No help from Pink Ranger either! More texting! No superheroes should be allowed to text while on patrol.

This park guest is unimpressed.

A thirsty guest with a very yellow drink.

Walt Disney World attraction lines can be long, but no problem when you ride with mom!

Or you ride in comfort and style!

Tired babies + comfy stroller = sleepy time.

We're on the move!

Some get a little help from dad.

Or mom!

So much to see and do!

March, march, march!

Nothing will slow us down...

Not even a little rain.

Okay, a lot of rain.

Go, poncho patrol!

Thunder Mountain in the rain.

On this side of the mountain, it's nice and sunny!

Bored on the WEDway People Mover? Impossible!

These happy folks are enjoying their WEDway ride.

So are these Tomorrowland travelers.

Heed these wise words, young man.

Not a believer.

Not impressed with the orange shirt.

Let's go horseback riding at Fort Wilderness!

But when you ride, be careful.

Duly warned and ready to ride the trails.

This guy likes the smell of his poncho.

Look out for that purple people eater!

Looking a bit glum here...could it be???

The dreaded "last day" of a Walt Disney World vacation.

Eating ice cream helps.

We'll be back again soon!

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