Sunday, November 20, 2011

Magic Kingdom Open Until 3 A.M.!

It's almost midnight and I have to be getting to bed for another busy work day tomorrow (Monday - ugh). At least it is the week of the Thanksgiving holiday, and I've got a few extra days off to look forward to, thus Monday does not arrive with as much of its usual sting.

As I sometimes do, I check the Magic Kingdom hours at Walt Disney World before going to bed. I enjoy going to sleep knowing that while I lay my head down, some lucky guests are even at that moment zipping through Space Mountain or singing along with grim grinning ghosts in the Haunted Mansion.

Checking this evening I see that the Magic Kingdom is open until 3 A.M.! God bless 'em, three o'clock in the morning. And bless those workers that will be keeping that place bright and lively into the wee hours for the guests. I wish I was one of those lucky guests! My son and I - who have a habit of late night adventuring in the Magic Kingdom after my wife and daughter have had enough magic for the day and retired to the hotel room - we would be two of those happy yahoos who stay until the very last minute. We'd be taking a 2:30 a.m. excursion aboard the Jungle Cruise and climbing aboard Big Thunder Mountain Railroad as the stars winked in the pre-dawn night sky far overhead. We'd be the ones munching hot dogs at Casey's Corner just before closing time, and the last ones to board our bus back to the resort, riding along the the dark, nearly abandoned Disney roads to whatever corner of the World held our resort.

Ah, how I wish we were there! Someday not too far from now, we'll be back to that happy place to create more memories. Until then, I'll have to go to bed tonight, in the quiet and dark of my bedroom, thinking of all the magic happening at that very moment at Walt Disney World. Although I cannot be there to share in that fun, still, it will put a smile on my face as I drift off to sleep.

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