Saturday, August 13, 2011

Lovecraftian Podcasts

Presently I'm keeping up with my Call of Cthulhu scenario work, but my actual "sitting down to play Call of Cthulhu" has been on a bit of a hiatus this summer as my gamer friends' work and vacation schedules have made getting together to play a bit erratic. To get my Call of Cthulhu and gaming fix, I often turn to online podcasts to see who is doing what in the wide world of Lovecraftian and gaming interests. Here is a sampling of some can't miss Lovecraftian/Call of Cthulhu podcasts:

Yog Radio. Find them at: is THE site for Lovecraftian gaming (Call of Cthulhu, Trail of Cthulhu, Cthulhu Dark, Realms of Cthulhu, you name it) as well as general Lovecraftian interests and culture. The genial, cultured host is Paul Maclean ("Paul of Cthulhu") who - along with a motley crew of merry cultists - bring you the best in all things Cthulhu gaming. Along with podcasts, there is a plethora of forums, downloads, and features. If you are into Cthulhu Mythos gaming, you owe it to yourself to check out this site, if you have not already discovered it. Audio offerings include recordings of actual play; "Yog Radio" - a general Lovecraftian/gaming podcast; and "News from Pnakotus," a news briefing of the latest in Cthulhu gaming/media/literature. Great stuff. "News from Pnakotus" is co-hosted by Paul Maclean and Chris Lackey, which brings me to...

The H.P. Lovecraft Literary Podcast. Find them at:

Hosted by talents Chris Lackey (see "News from Pnakotus" above) and Chad Fifer, this dynamic duo present readings of Lovecraft's tales and literary analysis of said stories. Production values are high and it is very entertaining. Check it out!

The Lovecraftian Obsession Podcast. Find it at:

Hosted by author Rick Dakan (The Cthulhu Cult; After Lovecraft: the Horror at Red Hook). Mr. Dakan hosts approximately hour-long interviews with Lovecraftian luminaries such as Laird Barron, W.H. Pugmire, Ken Hite, Chris Lackey and Chad Fifer (see above), Dan Harms, Robert Price, and S.T. Joshi. Informal, informative, and quite entertaining.

The Gaming Grunts Podcast. Find them at:

Gamemaster Jeff Okamoto and his fellow gaming grunts audio record their actual play sessions and take you along for the ride. Classic Call of Cthulhu campaigns ("Masks of Nyarlathotep," "Day of the Beast") are presented, along with shorter Call of Cthulhu scenarios as well as adventures from...well, "Adventure!" the rpg themed after the classic 1930s pulp serials and novellas.

Unspeakable! The Podcast of the Unspeakable Oath magazine. Find them at:

Presented by Shane Ivey, Toren Atkinson, and assorted guests, this fine podcast is the audio arm of Arc Dream Publishing's reanimation of "The Unspeakable Oath" magazine for Lovecraftian gaming. The guys have put together two lengthy podcasts (to date) and some audio extras such as their most recent panel session at this summer's GenCon. So far these podcasts are excellent as well as lengthy (perfect for long commutes in the car or long walks with the dog). Shane, Toren, and their guests are insiders in the Cthulhu publishing biz as well as devoted gamers and all-around talented guys, so this is well worth a listen.

The above are only a brief sampling of the Lovecraftian and Call of Cthulhu themed podcasts you will find out on the web. They are good starting points and will themselves provide you with hundreds of hours of enjoyable listening, if this is your area of interest.

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