Sunday, August 28, 2011

Sweet Birthday Haul

This weekend commemorated my 41st year on the planet. It's been a great run, and I hope to be in the race for many more years to come. I'm blessed with overall good health, great family and friends, and every day I can swing my two feet out of the bed and get on with a full day is a gift. That is the true meaning of celebrating my birthday. I am simply glad to be on the planet and in a position to enjoy many of its gifts - most of all my family and friends.

That said, I did get a pretty sweet haul of gifts from family and friends who simply spoil me:

A wireless printer for the Ipad2.

A Waterman Precision fountain pen.

A leather-covered, 400 page journal.

A bottle of blue fountain pen ink.

A shirt and tie.

A subscription to "Celebrations" Walt Disney World magazine.

A gift card to Barnes & Noble.

A gift card to (already spent this one!).

Two bottles of premium coffee syrup for the specialty drink of which I am particularly fond.

A lottery card (I won $15!).

Plus we all feasted on a chocolate birthday cake and ice cream.

In all, a great birthday and I'm lucky to be the recipient of such fine gifts. I've already ordered four books with the card, so the birthday fun will "keep on going" when the books arrive.

I'm looking forward to the first issue of "Celebrations" to arrive as well (I'm rather a Walt Disney World fanatic).

I have a great family and wonderful friends, and for them I am very glad. They are the best ongoing birthday present anyone could ever wish for.

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