Friday, August 12, 2011

No Mystery Men and a Call of Cthulhu update

I am disappointed. I was slated to run the "Mystery Men" rpg this upcoming August 19th for our local gaming group. However, I got word from the host where we play that he and one of the other guys at the table are just not that interested in the game system. And these are the two biggest "superhero nerds" at the table, so...

I replied "no use running the game, then." Damn.

"Mystery Men" has a lot to recommend it, and I'm frustrated that the group does not want to give it a try. Add "Mystery Men" to the heap of games I've acquired and would like to try, but I just can't get the crew interested. Sigh.

My favorite game is Call of Cthulhu, which I've enjoyed for many years. I've been fortunate to get a few things I've written for the game published in fairly recent offerings from Chaosium and Miskatonic River Press (Arkham Now; Terrors from Beyond; More Adventures in Arkham Country). I owe both publishers a sincere debt of gratitude for considering my work and allowing it to become a part of their publications.

I've just received a check from Chaosium for my work in the upcoming "Atomic Age Cthulhu." Getting a check from them is a strong indication that this publication will see print in the not-too-distant future, for which I'm glad. There's one fellow out there in Internet-land that has gotten word of the impending release of "Atomic Age Cthulhu" and has done an absolutely whiz-bang job of drafting up an "Atomic Age" Call of Cthulhu character record sheet. Check it out here:

Terrific stuff!

Writing for Call of Cthulhu is hard work but brings great enjoyment. Although some reviewers have been fairly critical of some of my efforts, I do respect them for their opinions and their own passion for the game that we all so enjoy. I've made the acquaintance of many wonderful, talented people the last few years (fellow writers, enthusiasts, publishers), from whom I continue to learn a great deal; my respect for them deepens with each correspondence and collaboration.

As far as playing Call of Cthulhu goes, our latest campaign effort broke-down mid-summer due to diverse work and vacation schedules. The little Call of Cthulhu gaming cabal we have going here in the heart of Lovecraft country hopes to resume its sanity-shaking activities as we approach the fiery-golden glow of autumn. Typically we play on Thursday nights, but I'm hoping we can change that to Saturday evenings. Weekends can be tough with family obligations, but gaming on weeknights has become increasingly difficult for me as my work schedule is varied and my commute to and from work is a long one. So for me, gaming on Saturday nights would be a more leisurely, relaxing experience. And typically there's no getting up early for work on Sundays, so that is a bonus as well.

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